an apple for the teacher

My son started Preschool last week... gulp.
This was a hard one for me.
If you follow me on Instagram then you saw this picture earlier this summer:
I case you can't read the description, I wrote, "Just bought my son a backpack. He's super excited. I almost cried."
Mike and I had really debated what we wanted to do for our little man for school. I had long thought about homeschooling for Preschool, and thought about other options as well; but in the end, we decided that for this dude the best option was a public Preschool. Little Dove is super social and loves to be around other people, plus he really listens so much better to people who aren't his parents (anyone else relate?!). I do feel like a lot of Preschools out there are just glorified daycare centers, and other are ridiculously expensive, so I was excited to see that our local school offers Preschool for four year-old kids three days a week, for a few hours in the morning.
It is a little depressing to think that my whole "mom of school kids" experience is beginning, so I'm trying to focus on the fun of it! One of those things (for me!) would me presents for the teacher. I love giving presents and little goodies, but I also try really hard to not get carried away.
For a little twist on the traditional "apple for the teacher", I bought a cute, limited edition Honeycrisp Apple scented Method  hand soap from Target and attached a simple tag I made with my Silhouette print and cut feature (first time ever using it that way!).
So that's it, nice and simple, but just a little something to say "Hi! Looking forward to getting to know you this year! Also, I hope you like it when your hands smell like apple!"

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