nursery singing time

I thought I would share some ideas for singing time in Nursery (the children of my church 18 months-3 years old). We basically do the same seven songs every week because I believe repetition is the best way for young ones to learn music. It takes us about 10 minutes, which includes trying to get the kids under control (although, usually they're pretty good!) and sometimes singing one of the songs twice.

1. We start with the welcome song, Here We Are Together (in our Nursery). 
2. Next we do a wiggle song, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
3. We do another action song, Popcorn Popping. By this point they'll usually have worked enough wiggles out to sit for the rest of the time. :)
4. We use our popsicle sticks for In the Leafy Treetops. These are simple visual aides I made, with basic clip art of a bird on one side, and a flower on the other side. I'll need to be replacing them soon and either laminate them, or I've been thinking about making finger puppets.

5. Now, we start getting into more "doctrinal" songs. We start with Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (just the first verse).
6. The next song is a new addition, the chorus to Follow the Prophet. I got this idea from Camille's Primary Ideas and I really loved it because each year I like to try and teach the nursery kids a song that the Primary kids are also learning.

7. I like to always end with the first verse to I Am a Child of God. The kids LOVE this one and ask for it the whole singing time. I found these great visual aides on Sugardoodle. Each kid has a different favorite picture to hold. :)

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