make-your-own pizza party

A couple of weeks ago we invited a few other families over for a make-your-own pizza night.
You know, 'cause I'm not busy enough.
And I will for sure not be "complaining" to my husband about not having enough time anymore, because, as he so sweetly pointed out: "Well, you like to add stuff to make yourself busy. I'm just saying."
Okay, here's the thing. I don't love to be busy, I don't believe in the glorification of busy. I don't! But, I do know that if I didn't push myself to do things sometimes then I would just sit around at my house and be the most anti-social, boring person ever. I like hanging out with friends and I like seeing my kid having fun playing with their friends. So sometimes I get busy and want to rip out all my hair. No biggie, I've got lots.
So anyway. This pizza night. It turned out pretty fun! I mean, things could have gotten pretty crazy with 11 little kids in my house but everyone seemed to have fun and the pizza was yummy.

I made a simple pizza dough and separated it into 16 balls, then did an initial flattening with a rolling pin. I stuck each one between parchment paper with some cornmeal sprinkled on the bottom. I always use cornmeal on the bottom of my pizza crusts and calzones! I also made some easy pizza sauce, and some garlic alfredo. To keep things clean on my counter I laid down a roll of Kraft paper and labeled everything with a sharpie (the same thing I did for my kid's birthday party last year).  I had asked everyone to bring some of their favorite pizza toppings, so we had quite a variety! We were able to cook 4 at once in our oven, so it gave the kids plenty of time to play, and the adults plenty of time to chat and eat salad.

I printed up a little menu with all the yummy toppings we were going to have, and I also found {this} cute coloring sheet that I put out. But the papers were quickly forgotten once all the kids started running around the house like little hooligans. :)

 This is definitely a fun dinner to plan with friends!