the big move

This is a post I have been waiting a looonnnnng time to write.
We welcomed a very exciting friend over to our house today.
And by a friend I mean a man with his big truck and even bigger trailer to move our large shed.
My children were very excited about this. Well, Thing 1 and Thing 2 were fascinated, Thing 3 was sleeping like a baby, cause, well, she is one.
After focusing so much on the interior of the house last year, this is supposed to be "the year of the yard"; we're hoping to get our front yard and our larger side yard done (we don't really have much of a 'back" yard, most of our lot is technically on the side of the house), but we are getting a really slow start and it is driving me batty. I am SO anxious to have a nice looking yard that I'll actually enjoy being out in with the kids!
This shed move was the first step in "operation: clean up the yard".
My husband and I were really debating if the price to move the shed was worth it. It was taking up almost all of the precious space that's actually behind the house. We want to make that area the spot for the kid's play structures and whatnot.
Plus, here was our view from our family room window before.
Ohhh. Ahhh.
But really, this shed was so big there was no way we could move it on our own without taking it apart; which we found out generally destroys the roof and you ave to buy a new one anyway. And after seeing how much space we gained, I was so excited I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
Here's the view from our family room window now.
You know, just ignore the remaining gravel pad, tarp thrown over the pile of firewood, and non-existent grass. 
It's going to be awesome sauce.
We had decided to move the shed back to the back corner of our property, where it will kind of mark the boundary back there (we can't really have fences in our neighborhood per HOA rules), and it was space behind our orchard that wasn't being utilized anyway.
Ignore the overgrown trees that need to be massively trimmed, the weeds taking over everything, and the lovely bark on the ground that the last homeowner was in love with.

 I wish you could tell how big of a different it really does make.
Why don't you come over and I'll give you a little tour? Afterwards we can go swimming in the lake cause it is HOT here! This yard needs to get finished so I can set up the kiddie pool and run through the sprinklers let my kids run through the sprinklers.