slower than a snail

That's the progress in the yard.
Like watching paint dry.
Actually, this is much slower than watching paint dry. And I should know, since I've painted nearly the entire interior of the house single-handedly.
Beyond frustration is what I am feeling right now. Grrr.
When I last updated you about the yard, I mentioned that this is supposed to be "the year of the yard". But we have come to the conclusion that it's just too big of a job for us to tackle ourselves. We've been trying to get a company to come out and take care of it, but instead of coming back with a quote, the first guy came back with a "sorry, I just don't have time for a project of this size right now". We're still waiting to hear back from the second company that came out. Grrr.
Meanwhile,  precious time is slipping away and June is practically over and our yard still looks completely white trash.
Yep, I said it.
My hopes of hosting a barbecue or watching my kids run through our sprinklers this year are becoming more and more unlikely. Grrr.
Bless my sweet husband's heart, he's been doing whatever he can in his "spare" time, and one of the things that he's been working on is removing the non-fruit trees from our orchard, so that eventually we have room in their for our garden too. So here's what that space looked like before:

And here it is now:

Geez, you couldn't' even see that old arbor before through all the overgrown trees.
Awesome job honey. Now we just need to rip out the juniper and other trees that are dying, transplant the Blue Spruce, grade the yard, put in the new sprinkler system, lay the sod, pour the new cement pathway... you know, no big deal.