diy wedding crossword

There is a lot that I really love about our wedding reception seven years ago, and not a whole lot that I would change. Which I think is really what you want, right? You want to look back and know that the biggest celebration that you will ever have in your life (most likely) is a good reflection of your personality and who you and your spouse are as a couple.
There were a few ways that we tried to bring some personal touches to our wedding day (keep in mind, this was before the days of Pinterest!) and one of those was with a personalized wedding crossword that each guest could do.

There was a stack of them at the front table along with some pencils and guests could fill in the answers during the reception. Since we had a more causal reception, it was a fun way for guests to mingle, and also get to know my husband or myself better since this was the first time that either of us were meeting a lot of them! (Fun fact about Mike and I, in total we dated about 8 months and were engaged for two of those months. I hadn't met most of his family or friends, and he hadn't met a good deal of mine.)

At the time I just made these using Microsoft Word and printing two to a page, pretty simple!

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