chalkboard paint cards

Well, we're getting into birthday and anniversary season over here at our house; between June and September we've got 18 birthdays and 5 anniversaries (including my own!). I'm stocking up on cards when I can, in a few spare moments after the kids go to bed. I find it easiest for me to come up with a concept for a card, and then make several of them.

After painting my bedroom door with chalkboard paint, I had a little bit left on the roller when I was cleaning up and rolled it onto a ledger sized piece of cardstock. When I was ready to make the cards I just tore small rectangles off and attached to the cards with eyelets.

I kept it simple with some drawings made with a Bistro Chalk Marker and I'm really liking the way theses turned out. I still have some painted paper left too, so I made be making some more...
If you don't happen to have chalkboard painted paper laying around, you can also purchase chalkboard cardstock. I actually do have some and have used it before, but wanted to use up this chalkboard paint. Waste not, want not, right? :)

Psst... I wasn't paid or compensated for this post by anyone that owns stock in chalkboard paraphernalia, I just like it! However, links do contain affiliates, so if you click on one and happen to buy something, I receive a small percentage. Like, maybe enough to buy some lint. :)

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