milky way caramel apple cake

My wonderful husband's birthday was last week and he loves Milky Way candy bars. And caramel. And he also loves those Snickers apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

So when I saw the Pillsbury caramel apple frosting on a recent trip to the store, I thought, "this could either be epic, or completely gross." And in case anyone is wondering, it tastes just like a caramel apple pop, so if you like those you're golden, if not, what's wrong with you?!
For this Milky Way Caramel Apple Cake I started out with a basic yellow cake mix and threw in some chopped Milky Way bars. Between the two layers of cake, I used about 1/3 can of chocolate frosting, then chopped Milky Way bars, the some homemade caramel on top of that (recipe for the caramel the same as in {this} recipe). Usually I make my own frosting, but sometimes I love using store-bought because you can melt it in the microwave and then just pour it for a super smooth and drippy finish.
That's the technical, professional term. Drippy.

Once the cake was stacked, I melted down the caramel apple frosting (I used about half a can) and then some more chocolate on top of that.
So good, but so sweet and rich, make sure you've got a tall glass of milk!

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