birthday bash week: baby quilts

Birthday Bash Week always makes me nostalgic for when my little stinkers angels were newborns. It's such a sweet but short stage in their lives and I just love it.
I realized that although I've shared my little miss' baby quilt, I haven't gotten around to sharing any of my other kiddo's baby quilts.
My mother-in-law has made each of her grand children a baby quilt, that's 9 and counting (plus 2 more that she is currently working on or has recently finished). And the really nice thing is that each time she asks us mommas what pattern and colors we want, and whenever possible she has us pick out our own fabric.
I don't know, maybe I shouldn't let my kids use them so much, maybe they should be packed away so they can be passed down to their own kids.
For now they seem to be holding up really well through all the nighttime snuggles and long car rides, but I dread the day when they start to fade or fray.
Baby quilts are probably the only time when it's acceptable to drool on works of art. :)