springtime relief society bulletin board

I recently got to redo our ward's Relief Society bulletin board in our church building (if you are not LDS and would like to know what in the heck a Relief Society is, click {here}, if you would like to know what I mean by a ward, click {here}).
Here is what the board looked like before I attacked it:
It had looked like that for quite awhile and was really in some need of a spruce up. I was so excited when after casually mentioning that I would redo the bulletin board for them, they actually said that I could! That might sound weird, but if you know me you know that I LOVE to decorate and do stuff like that. 
So here is what I did for Spring:
This was my first bulletin board ever and I had so much fun doing it, it is one of those rare times when what I had pictured in my mind actually turns out just as good (or better!) in real life. The only thing I had to purchase was the bulletin board border, everything else I already had. You might recognize the bulletin board paper from {this} post. I pulled the three frames from my endless frame stash that I have collected from my mother-in-law and spray painted them cream and navy, with spray paint I already had. The picture frames (sans glass) are held onto the board with sticky backed Velcro. Lastly, I made the fabric scrap bunting with some leftover fabric (from my little miss' baby quilt and {this} project).  
I cut our ward name and our motto for the year out with navy vinyl using Cami of course, the font is SNF Infinity Bold, which I downloaded from the Silhouette store.
This quote is from the April visiting teaching message. I plan to switch that our every  month with a new quote. Other than that though, I just need to change up the decoration slightly each quarter, so in June I'll take down the fabric bunting and put something up for Summer.
So, here's the thing.
Why I thought I would share this on my blog.
Because honestly, this idea came to me right away but I am at a loss as to what to do for Summer and Fall. I mean, I obviously have a while to think about it, but I will be poring over the Internet looking for ideas. Hopefully, if someone else is in the same boat, this might inspire them. :)
Okay, so now I want to hear from some experts in the field of bulletin boards, what do you think teachers?

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