primary singing time: a special Easter activity

Last year I wanted to incorporate an egg hunt into our singing time for Easter. Then the forecast called for rain and at first I was really bummed out, but I didn't let that get me down for long. I printed up pictures of Easter eggs on three different colors of cardstock and hid them around the Primary room.
When it was time for singing time I had the kids get up and each find one egg. Once everyone had an egg, I had them split into groups and separate into different areas of the room (our Primary room has three sections that can be closed off with accordion style doors) and assigned each a verse from "Did Jesus Really Live Again" (Children's Songbook, page 64). Each group had an adult to help them and a picture flip chart for their specific verse. I gave them a certain amount of time to work on their verse, then I called the groups back into the main room. Then we sang the song through, each group singing when it was their turn. The kids had a great time "competing" against each other to see which group knew their verse the best!

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