mailbox makeover

The fact that we lived with our mailbox like this for over a year embarrasses me.
Can we still be friends?
Little secret... not really our address. ;)
One of the previous owners had quite an elaborate design of stickers on there. Then sometimes between then and now, another owner thought it would be an awesome idea to just paint directly over the stickers.
I had originally planned to scrape all the hundreds of little stickers off of both sides and repaint the existing mailbox, but the combination of paint, sun, and time made the stickers so brittle, that instead of scraping off big pieces of stickers, they were coming off in teeny, tiny flakes.
Another bonus of this mailbox? I discovered after a big rainstorm that we had that it also leaks! Fun, huh?

I finally convinced Mike into getting a new mailbox and talked him into letting us get the next size up.
And there she is, isn't she a beaut? 
I couldn't bring myself to spray paint a brand new mailbox, so there went my idea for a fun color, like navy. But I did cut out some navy vinyl numbers with Cami and peeled the address numbers off the ground post. Eventually we'll need to get a new ground post, and I'd like to buy/diy something like {this}, although {this} one is gorgeous too! But for now, a new coat of white spray paint has our old one looking good as new.

I love the bigger size! This is the one that we bought, see how it says "extra capacity" on it?

So, just how big is "extra capacity"?

Big enough to put a two month old in.
Don't worry, I'm not really sending her back, she's too perfect. :)

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