primary singing time: "I Stand All Amazed" video

I was a little nervous to teach my Primary children "I Stand All Amazed". I didn't want to do any kind of fun game, because I feel like this is a dong that should be taught and sung with reverence. And I wasn't sure how to do a traditional flip chart, because it has some hard words and such a serious subject matter that I wasn't sure which pictures to use as visual aides.
I was able to find {this} flip chart on that I liked, so the first week that I was teaching it we just went over each line of the song and talked about what it meant; then we sang each verse through one at a time, then the whole song all the way through.
For this past week I made a video slideshow with pictures from with the words on the screen. I actually made two versions, one that is just instrumental and one with the lyrics.

Here is the instrumental version:

And here is the version with sung lyrics:

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