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It was an especially trying morning, as in, your kids were trying to see how far they could push you before you locked yourself in your room for a mommy time out. You've finally gotten your children down for a nap even though they fought you hard for over an hour. Now there's nothing but you and a little Netflix while you unwind with a Diet Coke and a pile of laundry that needs to be folded.
And that's when it happens.
Someone who doesn't understand that naptime is a sacred time not to be messed with rings the doorbell.
And one of your kids is now awake and apparently fully refreshed after her 10 minute nap. Sound familiar?

I have been wanting to make a naptime sign to hang up outside for awhile and finally got around to doing it. I have been doing such little crafting lately because I feel like I'm just trying to stay afloat drowning in my sea of children over here, but I recently crossed a few items off my to-do list and it feels great.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big believer in not walking around on tiptoes when your kids are sleeping. I vacuum, mow, and just generally make plenty of noise when my little ones are snoozing during the day (and at night). But sometimes it's been a hard day, and you need your children to sleep as long as possible; or sometimes momma needs a nap herself! And if the doorbell rings and it's important, that's fine, but a big offender in our household is people ringing the doorbell when they deliver packages. Not even when it needs to be signed for, they just ding-dong ditch the box on the front steps.When a needless ring cuts naptime short, it can really ruin a perfectly good day.
I just took an unused clipboard I had laying around and covered the front side with some printed kraft cardstock. I applied the phrase using navy vinyl cut with my Silhouette Cameo in the free font download, My Own Topher. After applying two coats of spray modpodge, I added some scrap paper and a pen for any necessary notes.

I hung it right above our doorbell so hopefully people will see it and respect this tired mom's quiet time of the day. :)

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