fabulous fruit salad

Here's the thing about fruit salad. It's salad for goodness sake, it's not rocket science. You cut up some fruit that you like, you stick it in a bowl, it's pretty hard to mess it up.
But I wanted to share what makes this such a fabulous fruit salad, and there are two factors.
First of all, the sweetened coconut flakes, which adds a really nice flavor and unexpected texture. I once had a fruit salad with coconut flakes with my breakfast in Hawai'i and I still think about it!
Secondly, the honey lime dressing; it adds the nice and unexpected flavor of honey and a little bit of natural sweetness, which also helps if you're maybe using some fruit that's not quite in season yet and doesn't have the best, sweetest flavor (like the strawberries in my fruit salad). The lime is just enough to bring out the flavor of the fruits and give a little something extra. Simply whisk the two together, that's it!

Honey Lime Dressing

I suggest adding the dressing as close to serving as possible (within a few hours), and this is best served the same day. It will keep fine for another day, bet looks the best from a presentation standpoint and the fruit keeps the best texture on day one.

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