super simple Valentine's pancakes

Most of the time when I make pancakes I make them from scratch, and they are delicious, if I do say so myself. They have yogurt and oatmeal and, okay, that might sound strange, but trust me, they are really tasty and you don't even need syrup (although it doesn't hurt!).
But sometimes I like to take a shortcut and use Krusteaz mix. 
Like now, after just having a baby, cause I've got more important things to do then make pancakes from scratch.
Like sleep.
Anyway, I wanted to make some easy Valentine's Day pancakes for all my lovies so this is what I came up with:

To Krusteaz mix I added 1 tsp. strawberry extract, milk chocolate chips, and some Wilton icing color (it's a thicker paste than traditional food coloring and gives you a more vibrant color without watering down whatever you're adding it to). Then I made heart shapes using {this} squeeze bottle, I have several of these and they have reall come in handy for lots of things; for making pancake shapes and letters I just cut a portion of the tip off to make a bigger opening.

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