10 minute cake

Need a last minute Valentine's Day dessert? Here is a super-simple (way too simple!) recipe for you! This is my go-to recipe when I'm needing a quick sugar fix. This post originally appeared February 11, 2013 and was edited for today's post.

I give you fair warning: this is a dangerous recipe. Dangerous because now you'll use any excuse to celebrate with cake.
TGIF? Great, I'll make a cake.
It's Lincoln's Birthday? Let's make that great man a cake.
Our potty-training toddler only peed on the floor four times today? Cake time!
This "10 minute cake" is cooked in the microwave, making it not only super easy and fast, but the perfect dessert to make in your college dorm room. And let me just say, I have tried my share of microwave cakes and brownies, but they always seemed to be a little spongy, not like actual cake. Sure, it would do the trick if you were having a massive cake craving, but it just wasn't the same. When I tried this one it was like the heavens opened and a choir of angels sang.
And though it's delicious if you just cook it in a mug and sprinkle some powdered sugar on it...
...you could also impress last minute dinner guests or your roommates with a little tiered creation, "oh this? It's just something I whipped up, no biggie."
Ok, I totally messed up the buttercream, but it didn't affect the taste and I'm all about keeping it real.
Click {here} for the recipe.
PS- I would say that this recipe serves 2-4, depending on how hungry you are. ;) One was enough to fill a 3 inch and a 6 inch Pyrex dish for the tiered cake, 2 over-sized mugs, or 4 Le Creuset mini round cocottes.

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