february mantel

Guess who's having a baby this month?! 
Well, probably lots of people, but the answer I'm looking for is ME! Me as in myself, not you, unless you are as well, in which case, congrats to you!

So, here is what happens when you know you have a blog post you've got to set up for, photograph, write, edit, publish, and make sure that all happens before you go into labor... you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. . ;)
I feel like this February mantel has the potential to be so cute, but instead it's just okay. I mean, I actually like it quite a bit, but if I had more time (or more energy) there are some things that I would definitely change. I feel like some more color couldn't hurt and I was thinking about tying some red and pink ribbons and fabric to the bunting, but I just ran out of time (an motivation). But really, one of the most important things for me about this monthly mantel project is just seeing what different things I can do without spending any money so all in all, I'm pretty pleased. Happy February y'all!