Primary Singing Time: 13 articles of faith song review

On the last Sunday of last year (boy, that sounds odd to say!) I wanted to review all the Article of Faith songs with the kids during singing time.I whipped up a simple plan of matching the number with the words from each Article of Faith and thought I would share it with you.
This was a simple activity to plan and carry out. I pinned all the numbers to the board, then called on reverent children to come up one at a time and handed them one of the articles on a piece of paper. I would read the article out loud, then the child would try to match it up with the right number., They were allowed to ask for help if they needed it. :) Once they got the right one matched up, then we sang that Article of Faith. You could also just write the numbers on a chalkboard or whiteboard and then stick the words up with magnets. Another option would be that you could pin the words up and let the children pick them at random, but me handing them to each child allowed me to pick ones that I was pretty sure the individual child would know.

You can click {here} for the link to the numbers and the Articles of Faith. :)

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