lighting things up

One of the house updates that was long overdue was adding some overhead lighting to the family room. We went from having no overhead lights in a room that was pretty dark (even during the day thanks to lack of windows), to having 5 recessed lights and two ceiling fans with lights (well, you already know how much I love ceiling fans).

So here's the dark before:

And here's the much-improved after (or at least, the much-improved work-in-progress):

Okay, so in the pictures it really doesn't seem that much brighter; in fact, thanks to time of day and cloud cover, the second picture actually looks a little darker, but trust me, there is a huge difference! I really can't believe what a difference there is between this room in general from when we first bought the house, to now. And having all the options and layers of lighting in the room is fantastic! We love our dimmable LEDs over the fireplace, our ceiling fans are awesome for circulating air and if we want just a little bit of light, and our new recessed lights make the room SO bright. And how awesome does our new flooring look in the room? (Here is a little more about our flooring.)