january mantel

Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing my  January mantel. You might remember that I mentioned I was not liking how my mantel had turned out this month. Once again, I was feeling completely uninspired. But I finally got my butt into gear and redid it and I like it much better now. Still not my favorite mantel, but a vast improvement over what I had up there. In fact, I can't believe how different it is from what I had up there!
I pulled a couple of empty frames out of my ever-ending stash, and combined those with my red frame wreath (which I don't need on our front door because our evergreen wreath is still going strong from Christmas), my handy-dandy chalkboard, and a whiteboard I wasn't currently using that I added a quote to. Of course, I also have our family time capsule up there. I was trying to think of something that would be good to have up there for the start of the year and "Seize the day" seemed to fit. So there's my simple mantel that I finally pulled together. Maybe once this baby comes I'll get some of my creative energy back. :)