how we shared our news about baby #3

A lot of moms-to-be (and sometimes dads too!) are really into sharing the news of a new baby in creative ways, and who can blame them? Sharing the excitement of a new little one is probably the biggest secret you'll ever share with people! I do blame Pinterest though for the feeling that calling someone up on the phone isn't good enough. Although, that being said, calling up everyone that you want to share the news with can be a daunting task, which is one of the positive things about social media, I suppose.
So I thought I'd share with you today all the ways that we spilled the beans on our upcoming new addition to our family and friends!

First of all, When I found out I was pregnant the Monday before Father's Day I knew that I had to wait until that Sunday to tell my husband. But let me just say, it was really hard; the longest I had ever waited to tell my husband before was about 10 hours because I wanted to be able to tell him in person and not over the phone... and I thought that was hard. There were a couple of times that week when I almost let it slip. Luckily, I was able to hold it in and present him with this card along with his breakfast in bed on the morning of Father's Day:
Can I just say how hard it was to get that shot? Trying to wrangle both my kids, hold the pregnancy test, aim the camera at the bathroom mirror, and make sure everything was in focus?! I took about 50 pictures that day and this was pretty much the only acceptable one; but it was worth it because my husband's reaction was priceless. :)

As soon as I got out of my first trimester and we had told our parents (I think we actually told family a little earlier this time, maybe around 12 weeks?), then we told a bunch of our friends by texting a picture of my daughter wearing this shirt, along with a message that said, "We've decided to enter ____ in the same training program we put her big brother in a few years ago. Her graduation date is set for February 5th." Of course I made the shirt with the help of my Silhouette machine, Cami:

Shortly after that, this image became my Facebook cover photo. I had seen the idea on Pinterest (of course) and thought it was so cute! Once again, we took a ton of pictures just to get one that was usable. It didn't help that the neighbor's dog kept coming over and walking through the shot and distracting my kids either. Sigh, at least I had Mike to take this one:

What fun ways have your shared your baby news with friends and family?

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