snowdrift ornament

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're looking for an ornament to make either for your own tree or to give as a gift, I've got a simple and pretty one for you today! I call it a snowdrift ornament because I think it looks like you've captured fresh snow inside. 
You'll need a glass ornament (whatever size and shape you like), Epsom salt, glitter or diamond dust, and spray adhesive.
Pay close attention now because this next step is pretty hard, okay. ;) Carefully spray the adhesive inside the top of the ornament; I made sure to concentrate on the bottom portion of the ornament because I wanted it heavier on the bottom and lighter near the top. Then you just pour some Epsom salt and diamond dust inside and shake it around, trying to coat the whole surface, similar to when you grease a cake pan and then dust it with flour.
After the first spray and shake, I did a second coat to achieve the look I wanted, so it's easy to alter for your own preferences. The combination of the dried adhesive, Epsom salt, and diamond dust really creates a nice opaque, snowy look. Also, you really don't need the glitter or diamond dust, I just think it adds an extra pretty sparkle to the snow. :)

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