LDS priesthood line of authority art

I didn't make that many of my Christmas gifts this year, not like some years have been in the past. But one that I did make is for my sweet hubby, and since he doesn't read this blog, I can post about it now. :)
I knew that I wanted to get him some Priesthood Line of Authority art. I had seen some online, like {this} one, but I was not happy with the price tag that came with it. In searching, I also saw some other ones that people had made or were selling on Etsy, but I wasn't really in love with any of them. So I thought, why not just by a nice 8x10" print and then layer a transparency sheet over it (one of my favorite tricks)? So I ordered a print from and went to work designing Mike's own PLA art just using a Word document. I had to contact Salt Lake to verify his line, but I was able to do it all through email and it took less than a week to have the information I needed!
Some of it is a little hard to read on the parts of the picture that are darker (although, it is easier to see in person than in this photo), but down the road I can always print up a new one using different colored font if I want to. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and I love the print that I picked (it's called 'In the World, But Not Of the World', by Greg Olsen).
So, there you go, a thoughtful, easy, inexpensive gift for the Priesthood holder in your life! :)

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