it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So... for the first time ever I had no takers for the leg warmer giveaway! I was surprised, but that's okay; I'll try not to take it personally. :)

I always love Christmas, but I am really excited for it this year and really EXTRA into the Christmas spirit. I don't' know if it's because for the first Christmas ever, we are having Christmas in OUR VERY OWN HOUSE and a bunch of my family will be coming up too; or if it's the recent snowfall (which my son was SO excited about!) that makes everything look so peaceful and beautiful and Christmasy; or the fact that my son is old enough this year to be really into everything about Christmas, from the trees, to the presents, to the snow, to his Little People manger set I got a couple years ago; or if it's just pregnancy hormones making me extra nostalgic... it's probably a little of all three.
31.5 weeks! Getting so close!
I love our tree this year and the direction I've taken with our decorations. I've gone for a kid-friendly vibe because I had visions of a shattered ornament and hundreds of tiny glass beads all over the floor (not that this happened last year or anything... no, of course not).
So it's all wood and paper and candy canes. And I love the color scheme everywhere, all white and neutrals with touches of red. It feels so cozy to me. I'm also super excited to just about have all the presents wrapped (except for two), so I thought I'd brag about that as well. :)
So, basically this post turned into me showing off my tree a little bit cause I'm in love. But hey, it's my blog and I can write about anything I want; in other words,  I have a microphone and you don't so you will listen to every darn word I have to say! Name that movie (which not a holiday movie, but good nonetheless).

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