guest post: rainbow dash costume

First of all, thanks to you guys who participated in the costume party link up! I had hoped to see a lot more cute costumes, but I loved the ones that I did get to see!

I am really excited today to have a guest post from a friend of mine that I knew in high school; I was so happy when Danielle told me I could feature her daughter's costume on my blog! When she shared her daughter, C's, Rainbow Dash Halloween costume on Facebook I was pretty impressed, and even more so when I found out that she doesn't own a sewing machine! I loved My Little Pony when I was little, so it's exciting to see the next generation enjoying the new version. :)

First, I dyed the white cotton hoodie dress and white cotton tights with aquamarine Rit dye. 
Then I cut the feet off of the tights, drew out a pattern, and hand sewed the ears and sewed them on the hoodie since her feet would be covered with the rainbow socks I found at the 99 cent store anyway. Also found wings there and dyed them the same color. 
Made the cutie mark (cloud and lightening bolt on dress) and RD initials out of felt by cutting out the different pieces and hand sewing them together and sewing them on. 
The mane and tail are made out of tulle and sewn on in rainbow shades. Total for entire costume to make was barely over $20. :) 

You know a lot of hard work and love went into that costume. I love that when she couldn't find what she was looking for, she took matters into her own hands to give her daughter the costume she wanted so badly. And, it just goes to show you what a difference some dye makes! :)

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