creative outlets

I tried to do a punny title about outlets.
Not really sure it worked.

Anhwho, we're in the midst of trying to finish up a million different projects over here at our casa (okay, maybe it's really just 5 or so, but still), and one of them is replacing all the old, almond colored switches, outlets, and cover plates.
When we first moved in I simply spray painted all the old cover plates white for the time being, which was a big improvement. But we're finally gong through and slowly changing all of them out for nice, bright white.

But you know, sometimes a simple outlet just won't do.... like when you need to put furniture up against it and you need cord access. Then you see this sweet mama who will allow you said access without having your furniture sitting a foot out from the wall.
Or when you're tired of trying to find the flippin' hall nightlight that your sweet daughter has hidden yet again and it wouldn't be such a big deal but if she wakes up in the middle of the night you really want to be able to see so you don't walk into the wall again. So you get one of these lovelies, because really, who needs two outlets in a small hallway anyway?

And you're excited to start replacing the outlets in your master bedroom and maybe get one of these bad boys.
But, I'm not going to replace the two outlets on my navy accent wall yet, because when we first moved in I painted those the same navy color and I like the way they blend in.
And it's one less thing I have to do.

And I just realized that this post has four pictures of outlets and that it's probably not as thrilling for you as it is for me.
My sincere apologies.

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