3 meals using your Thanksgiving leftovers

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (for all you folks that celebrate it, that is) and I am really excited for the food. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that my husband has a four day weekend and the time spent with family, but this pregnant lady has been dreaming about stuffing and mashed potatoes for weeks now. This year we're spending the holiday with Mike's family, so I won't really have a lot of leftovers to enjoy, but normally I enjoy those leftovers for a whole week afterwards. It always seems like the stuffing (my favorite) goes first... and the turkey goes last. Even though whenever I make a turkey I try to buy a small one, we just always seem to have so much left over! Some of you might love that, but turkey isn't really my favorite... especially day after day after day. So I've compiled three recipes that use some of your Thanksgiving leftovers, to help get you lout of the leftover rut. These have all been tested by my little family over the years, and I hope you enjoy them too!

{Easy Monte Cristo Sandwiches} Leftovers Used: turkey and cranberry sauce
I love Monte Cristo sandwiches and here's a little bit of a different take on them. Using waffles as the bread (I like to make Belgian waffles, than slice in half, but you could easily use two frozen waffles also), you make a sandwich with a tiny smear of regular or honey mustard, turkey, and sharp cheddar. Place open-faced under the broiler until it's steaming hot, then put some cranberry sauce on top and put the top piece of "bread" on. An easy and tasty sandwich that would be good for breakfast, brunch, or lunch!

{Turkey Enchiladas} Leftovers Used: turkey and corn
This is the only enchilada recipe I make at home, it's so yummy and easily adaptable. The rest of the year I make it with chicken, but come Thanksgiving time it's a great use for all that leftover turkey! Get the recipe {here}.

{Turkey Cornbread Bake} Leftovers Used: turkey, veggies, and cornbread 
I love this recipe and make it any time of year (but again, usually with chicken), but it's especially easy to prepare at Thanksgiving time when the meat and cornbread are already cooked. Any kind of veggies are good in this (corn, peas & carrots, broccoli...), and I even think that if you didn't have enough cornbread, you could mix in some leftover stuffing and that would be extra tasty as well! Get the recipe {here}.

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