Primary Singing Time: go forth with faith

Ever since the Primary theme, "Families Are Forever", was announced for 2014 I have been super excited and busy planning my singing times. One of the songs that I want to teach the children next year is "Go Forth with Faith". I think it's such a beautiful and upbeat song, and I especially think that the second verse goes perfectly with the theme. Since we've already completed our Primary Sacrament program for this year I have time to do some other types of songs with my kids so I decided to go over this song with them a couple weeks ago, since it goes with the October theme of missionary work.
I was surprised when I was searching for a flip chart for this song and I couldn't find one, so I had to whip one up. All of the pictures are from and they're mostly black and white pictures to save on my ink (just the pictures of the Savior are in color), I just colored them in after printing. All the words are included on the pages even though sometimes I try to steer away from printing out all the words and just stick with key words, but I figured this would be a song that the majority of the kids would not be familiar with at all.
Click {here} for the flip chart.

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