september mantel

It feels good to be back to the normal blogging thing; but I'm not gonna lie, it was a nice little break and it came at a really good time. Not only did we have three scheduled trips, but we ended up having a last minute one as well. I couldn't believe it last Wednesday when my hubby mentioned that he had Monday off for Labor Day. Labor Day already?!? There goes summer...
So, even though most schools seem to want to start the school year in August these days (what's up with that?), I feel like September will always kind of be seen as the traditional "back to school" month, so that was my inspiration for my September mantel. We love books in this house so that's what my mantel is full of and I love it. I hoarded all of our hardcover books I could, and when I saw that wouldn't be enough, I pulled a bunch of softcover "required" reading books off my shelf as a nod to my own school experience. Some of them haven't been touched since high school, and some I've read four or five times.

I put all the spines facing in so people wouldn't judge me for my love of Twilight and staggered the books so you could see the different colors of the covers.
I finished off the mantel with a chalkboard quote from Pride and Prejudice, which I happen to be currently reading for the umpteenth time.

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