diaper cake tutorial

This post should be entitled "quasi diaper cake tutorial" since I don't plan on going into a whole lot of detail and there are a million and one posts on diaper cakes on the internet, but this was my first one ever and I liked the way it went together better than most others that I have seen so I wanted to share with you.
This is the diaper cake I made for the baby shower I shared in Wednesday's post... you know... just in case that was glaringly obvious. I found some diaper cakes on Pinterest that used this swirl technique instead of rolling each individual diaper and I was like, "hallelujah, seems much easier, AND I don't have to go out and buy rubber bands! Score!" Cause, yeah, for some reason I only have, like, two rubber bands in our house. 
So I grabbed two pots from my kitchen and started bending them around a cardboard tube. Then I tied a sting tightly around them and pulled the tube out. Where the hole was from removing the cardboard tube, I simply rolled up two more diapers and put them in the empty space.
Then, I repeated the process to form the top layer the same way using the smaller pot as my sizing guide.
Using glue dots and a few straight pins I secured some ribbon around each layer to cover the string and then decorated on top using two real suckers I had picked up at Party City for about .33 cents each, and a washcloth sucker that I made using {this} tutorial. I really like the way that this kind of diaper cake looks and I love how fast it was to put together! I know a lot of people use plain white diapers (where do you find all white ones?!?) and I've also seen that a lot of people seem to like suing the Target brand diapers because of the pattern on them, but I'm personally pretty partial to the Huggies Little Snugglers so I bought a big box of those in size 1 and ended up using a little less than half, so about 52 diapers or so. I think that using the more traditional diaper roll technique you would have to use a lot more diapers to get this two tiered cake.

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