pioneer trek: pioneer journals

Phew. I'm just barely getting this post up and it's almost 10:00 pm. That's about 14 hours after I normally try to get my posts published by. In my defense though, I have been really busy rushing around like a crazy person trying to get last minute things ready for trek.
I see some of you nodding your heads in understanding...
... and some of you think I'm talking about Star Trek.
So let me 'splain for those of you that might not know. :)
The hubby and I were asked at the beginning of this year to be a Ma and Pa couple for a pioneer handcart trek, and that time is now upon us. We're leaving before sunrise this Thursday and we'll be hiking a total of 17 miles over 3 days with a handcart full of all our stuff, all while being the "parents" of a "family" of about 10 teenagers (ages 14-18). You can learn more about it {here}, {here}, {here} and {here}.
So, over the next couple weeks I'll be posting different trek related things; hopefully this will be a somewhat useful resource for others out there planning their own trek. And we're going to start with our Pioneer journals. I want to be very clear and say that I cannot take credit for these, someone made these for everyone that is going on trek this week! Isn't that so great? I love some of the things that were included: a brief background on the handcart trek, several lyrics so we can sing while on trek (including "Come, Come, Ye Saints" and "True to the Faith"), a history on the person we're portraying (everyone going on trek is portraying an actual pioneer), and blank pages for writing in, of course. :)

Here are some other cute journals I found online (click on pictures to go to the source):

Pioneer Trek Journal Cover
via Happy Clean Living
via Glitter Goods