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Let's talk about one of the most important aspects of an "authentic" trek, and one of the things that can be the most stressful but also the most fun, the clothing. I had grand plans of making almost all of our clothing... and then I ran out of time. But I still think everything turned out alright and I'm pretty impressed with what I DID make. Let's start with the hubby, shall we?
His beard is also part of his costume, it took him 5 months
to grow that bad boy.
First of all, we each had two outfits, two bottoms and two tops. My husband wore the same hat and suspenders all three days so the money that was spent on them was worth it. Bot of his shirts were old church shirts of his that were pretty worn through. All I did was cut the collar off of them so that was pretty easy for me. His pants (I made him a linen pair and a lightweight corduroy pair) were the first things I've ever made from a pattern! I was always so scared to try and follow a pattern, but I did it! The first pair took awhile to make, but I made the second pair in about a day. He especially loved the linen pair, he said they were super comfortable. The pattern was Simplicity #4760, but with no pockets and no belt loops. I bought it when Joann's was having one of their $1 pattern sales, so it was a good deal. The bandannas we both took were leftover from the kids' birthday party so they were free. I looked for suspenders at every thrift store I went to for months and could never find a pair, so I ended up going to Lowe's because I knew a home improvement store would have them. They have a nice, wide band so they're probably a little more comfortable then some of the dress suspenders at department stores; plus, I checked JCPenney after I bought these, and they were almost twice as much. 

I opted not to make myself a bonnet since I knew I already owned this straw hat and I've heard they can be kind of a pain to make. I think the straw hat worked out pretty well for me and I'm glad I didn't take the time to make a bonnet, but sometimes I would find myself wishing I had a cute bonnet like some of the other girls. :)  Both of my shirts were from Marshall's, since I don't really wear shirts that style normally so I didn't have any old ones. Originally I had altered one of my hubby's old church shirts for myself and it turned out pretty cute, but I wore it to one of our Ma and Pa meetings before trek and after just 2 hours I was hot and uncomfortable, and I had been sitting in shade, not hiking a dusty, hot trail! So I would recommend trying the clothes out that you plan to wear. My toile skirt is one that my mom made for me and is from a play I was in over 6 years ago. I borrowed the blue skirt. I only took one apron on trek, a muslin one that I made from some free instructions I had been given. They were a little confusing but I was able to figure it out and was pretty proud of myself! If I were going again, I would either take two aprons, or make my apron reversible with pockets on both sides because by the end of the second day it was filthy! Also, the fabrics I recommend are linen, muslin, and lightweight cotton, which will be the most breezy and comfortable. I also would recommend light colors that will reflect the sun, but not white, because I'd see dirt on it about an hour after putting it on.

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