easiest toddler apron ever!

This past weekend we went to a Pioneer Day celebration and of course I knew the hubby and I had plenty to wear since we just got back from our Pioneer trek reenactment, and I knew I could put something together pretty easily from my little dove's closet for him to wear, but my little Miss was costume-less! I quickly refashioned an old shirt of mine that was in my craft pile into a little dress, made a little bonnet from some instructions I had gotten when I was preparing for trek, and stitched together a quick apron. It was so easy to make I thought I'd share with you. Please remember that this is the first time I've attempted to explain sewing directions to someone else, and I tried to keep it simple because I have had a lot of confusing moments lately while trying to decipher patterns. Feel free to ask if you have a question and I'll try to clear it up! :)
This would make a cute addition to a little girl's dress up closet, a sweet favor for a baking themed birthday party, or a finishing touch to a costume! So let's get going! Keep in mind that my daughter is 14 months old and is pretty average height and weight for her age. This is so easily adaptable for any size though, you could even make matching mommy/daughter aprons! Here's what you'll need:

You'll need two rectangles of fabric and here are the sizes I used:

  • Create two rows of gathering stitches along the top of the other rectangle (13" x 10"). This is going to be the front panel, or the main part of your apron. Once you have created the gathering stitch, pull the thread to gather the fabric.

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