another one bites the dust

WARNING: if you love vertical blinds, this post contains graphic images and might be offensive to you.

Have you ever seen dead vertical blinds? I have, and it was a glorious sight.
My apologies once again for the lighting in these photos. I would have loved to wait until I had better light, but as all of you out there who are moms surely know, sometimes you've just got to hurry up and get a project done while your little "helpers" are asleep. :)

I got another small house project knocked off my list, yippee! Nearly all the other windows in our house have fairly nice, faux white wood horizontal blinds, except for in our master bedroom. And not only were these old, outdated, weird patterned vertical blinds, but slats were missing and it didn't even work correctly anymore. I had wanted to take them out when I was painting the room before we even moved in, but the curtains we had for our master bedroom didn't block enough light out so I figured they could stay "for now". Well, "for now" turned into four months. Finally, last week as I was folding laundry in our room, I just couldn't take it anymore and I knew I had extra curtains now thanks to Ikea.
So, first I had to figure out how to remove these vertical blinds, and they were actually easier than most other ones I've taken down. The blinds themselves came off with just four simple clamps that I had to squeeze to release them from the head rail, or the top metal piece of the blinds housing. Then I just had to use a flat head screwdriver to remove four screws and it was like those blinds had never existed!
I already had a second pole for our double rod so I threw the curtains that had been in our dining room up there, "for now". And I am a very happy camper! Eventually I'd like to get some more colorful or patterned curtains for our bedroom, but it always seems like our master bedroom and bathroom are our lowest priority (why is that?), so who knows how long that will take?
Aren't you so jealous of our weedy and dead backyard? I share this hideousness
with you to help you be more grateful for what you have. You're welcome. :)

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