now you see 'em... now you don't

Remember when my father (who is a general contractor) was here at the end of March and he helped our hall bathroom go from drab to fab and wrestled with our rusted out kitchen faucet (among a million other things he did while he was here)? Well, here's something else he helped take care of whilst he was in our employ:
I forgot to take a "before" picture so here's one that's Photoshopped.
In our (almost) 6 years of marriage we have always had our tv mounted on the wall (wait, I don't think we did the 9 months we were in San Antonio), but since we were always renting we had to live with the unsightly cords. We did everything from just having them in plain sight, to hiding them behind frames, to using something like {this} to conceal the cords.
It was so wonderful to finally get those cords in the wall! It's not hard, but you will want to get something like this:
We picked ours up from Home Depot, you can also find a fancy shmancy big poppa one {here}. You also want to make sure you check the wall for any electrical cords that might be running through the section before you make a cut!
So, our television had already been mounted but thankfully we didn't have to take the mount off to put the recessed box in, our tv is big enough that we could put the multimedia box right under the wall mount and you can't see it with the tv mounted. Then we also cut an identical box down at the bottom.
Here it is with both recessed boxes in place and the cords ready to go. We fed the wires in from top to bottom and it was pretty easy (says the woman that didn't help at all).

Here's a close-up for ya.
And we found out too late that one of our cords was too big to fit through the little slot! Argh! So, we just had to file the big bulge down ever so slightly and then jammed it in there. Perfect. :)

I think I want to frame our tv out with some big molding, what do you think? Hmm... I'm still vacillating. So if your cords are still there letting it all hang out, what are you waiting for? Put those bad boys away under cover!
PS, this was an interior wall so we didn't have to worry about any insulation. Also, depending on building codes in your area, you might want to check and see if the cords that you're concealing are rated to be "in wall".

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