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Have you seen these awesome Pinata cakes on Pinterest?

Lime & macadamia pinata cake
From Claire K Creations
From A Subtle Revelry

And the of course there's this amazing one that I would never attempt myself, but I would love it if someone else would for me. :)

From Bubble and Sweet
So, the hubby had his birthday earlier this week and I decided I wanted to make a Pinata cake, BUT I wanted it to look like a normal cake on the outside so he wouldn't take a look at it and start wondering why I baked him a round cake; I was going for total surprise. So I made this unassuming (but delicious looking) cake instead.

You'll need 2 boxes of cake mix because you want at least 3 layers. I made 3 layers and 12 cupcakes, but you could also have a four layer cake for even more candy! Yum.

After you have them leveled off, take a circular object to cut a hole in one of the layers, and then another, smaller circular object to cut another hole into the leftover circle of cake. That ousnds a lot more complicated then it is, I'm sure you can figure it out. I believe in you. :) This smaller circle of cake will be your support so it doesn't start to sag. (For my circles of cake I used a glass Pyrex dish and a glass measuring cup that's about the size of a shot glass. I was able to just use them like cookie cutters and push into the cake with them.)

Next, frost the bottom layer and stack the second layer and the support on top of that. Here's where I would do something differently, I wouldn't frost the entire bottom because the candy on bottom stuck to the frosting (obviously). SO next time I would just frost along the outer rim and underneath the inner support. Then, fill with candy ( I picked gummy worms, Skittles, and Peanut Butter M&M's since that's what the hubby likes) and continue to stack like you would a normal cake.

It really is easy peasy, but is a super fun surprise when they start cutting into it! Also, if you're going to keep it in the fridge, try to stay away from hard candies like Skittles. Oops.

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