Primary Singing Time: cookie match up

This was a simple singing time activity that the kids enjoyed more than I thought they would. I used it to teach "Seek the Lord Early" (CS 108), but you could use it for any song. It worked out perfectly for "Seek the Lord Early", because it breaks into six parts really well.
I had six "cookies" on a cookie sheet with pictures behind them to represent all the parts of the song. All of the sheets of paper with the words on them were up on the board in order. I'd call on a child and have them come up to pick a cookie. Once they revealed the hidden picture, I would ask them what it looked like was happening in the picture ("a little boy is saying a prayer", "those are commandments", etc). For junior primary I would then stick it on the appropriate word page, for senior primary I let them figure out where each one should go. In junior primary we waited until the end and then sang it through a few times, but in senior primary, since I knew I'd have plenty of time, I had them sing through it after each picture match up.
This would be great to review a song too, if you put the word sheets out of order and had them first match up pictures, then put them in order.

{Here} is the PDF file with the words and pictures. I'm not thrilled with the quality of the pictures though and you could probably find better ones online.

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