party planning and Mother's Day

I am neck-deep in last minute birthday party preparations and house cleaning AND to make it even better the hubby's got something he needs to do tonight and won't be home till late, which means this is a solo prep party that's lasting all day.
And of course I haven't forgotten that this weekend is also Mother's Day, so a special hello to all you moms, grandmas, aunts, and everyone else who ever steps in and fills a mom's shoes! I thought I'd share the cards I sent off last year for Mother's Day; I've got a something a little unorthodox planned for this year, we'll see if I can pull it off! :)
{First posted May 8, 2012}

This year I made three different versions of Mother's Day cards, I love the way they turned out! :)

For my sister and sisters-in-law:

I kept it pretty simple, I just created a sleeve to fit around a packet of Texas Bluebonnets and attached a tag that reads, "Sending you Mother's Day flowers from Texas".

For my mom and mother-in-law:
I typed up some of the words from the song, "I Often Go Walking" and just replaced the word "mother" with "grandmother". I Photoshopped a picture of my little dove running through the bluebonnets and also included a packet of Texas Bluebonnet seeds.

For the grandmothers (my little dove's great-grandmothers):
I figured, what great-grandmother doesn't love a cute little sentimental hand print from their great-grandchild? :) Then I used some die cuts and fabric flowers to create a sort of flower bush effect.

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