i'm a big fan

See the lovely overhead lights that came with our house? Ohh, ahh. Beautiful, right? 
I joke, but honestly, at least the bedrooms HAVE overhead lights, unlike our family room that feels like a cave. Really, why would you not want a family room, where you spend time as a family doing things like reading, playing games, or throwing your children into a giant LoveSac (Oh no? That's just us?) to have any sort of light? Obviously it makes more sense for it to be dark so we can all step on toys and Cheerios.
But I digress.
So the two kiddos' bedroom had these square, opaque glass lights that made me think of a spaceship. Oh, you can't see it? Well, how about NOW:
So here's the thing, I love ceiling fans. I love them in bedrooms, family rooms, in outdoor living spaces... basically anywhere except for over a dining room table, which is where our house DOES happen to have one. I mean, honestly, GENIUS idea to have a fan blowing cold air right where you hot food is.
Wow, this post is full of sarcasm.
Can you tell it's been a long day?
Anyway, so I know ceiling fans are not everyone's jam. But they are mine. So, although you've already technically seen a ceiling fan in my little dove's room, I realized you couldn't fully appreciate its awesomeness until you saw the before. Plus, this way you're getting a sneak peek of my little Miss' room. 

If you're replacing an overhead light with a fan, chances are you'll need a new box kit for the ceiling, one that is meant for fans, something like {this}. Usually they wouldn't be hard to change out, but I'm glad we had my general contractor dad install ours because OF COURSE we ran into some issues with the wiring because that is just our luck. But I think they look much better than the old spaceship lights and and love having cool, circulating air in bedrooms.
And if you happen to love my prior overhead lights, have no fear. We donated them to a community garage sale and I'm sure they went to a good home; or maybe just the dump :)