pallet bookshelves

My son's room is really coming together and looking so good! Sometimes I just walk in there and look around for awhile.
Is that weird?
Anywho... we finally got the pallet bookshelves up that I made before we moved. You might remember this pile of wood pallets.  I had been planning to make some type of book ledges for awhile and when I was dismantling some of the pallets I noticed this:

Notice how those have notched out edges, unlike these:

And I thought to myself, "self, you make a few quick cuts and you've got the simplest bookshelf in the history of the world".
I pulled one pallet aside and cut above the  second board on both sides, then sanded all the surfaces  and applied the same shellac I used for {this} project. I also applied some chalkboard paint to the front board. Then I pried two boards from the same pallet (so they were the perfect width and length) and nailed them to the bottoms so the books wouldn't fall out, since that wouldn't be a very effective bookshelf if they did, right? I probably should have used screws, but so far these seem to be holding pretty well so we'll see what happens.

And here you have it! Honestly, so simple for the impact they make in the room! And I am loving my decision to add some chalkboard paint.

This is not even close to being all of my son's books... I swear it's like a library in that kid's room.

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