kool aid Easter eggs

Easter is just a couple of weeks away so I wanted to share the way we dyed our eggs last year, which is also the way we plan to dye them this year. After doing some online research I found {this} great post and decided to give the Kool-Aid egg dyeing method a try.
As you can see, they turned out super-duper awesome, and it smelled really good in our kitchen that day. It's pretty cool that all you need is the Kool-Aid powder and water and you can get these great, vibrant colors (the only editing done to these photos was a white balance). AND following another tip I discovered, I decided to be brave and dye regular, un-hard-boiled eggs (since I'm not a big fan of hard-boiled eggs but we go through regular eggs like they grow on trees). 
I'm still really impressed that we didn't have any egg accidents, and we somehow survived the afternoon of dying mess-free. My son had a great time last year and I'm sure he'll be even more into it this year; I'm getting so excited! How do you guys like to dye eggs?

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