crumbless cupcakes

I love me some cupcakes, they're so tasty and cute and you can't have just one, right? No? Hmm.. maybe that's just me with the zero self-control. Anywho, back to the issue at hand, I love them like a fat kid loves cake. I just have one little issue, and I wouldn't even call it an issue, more of a thought regarding cupcakes.
They can be kind of crummy.
And I don't mean crummy like that friend you use to have who ruined the shirt you lent her after she pestered you about it for weeks. I mean, geez, they're so delicious but it bums you out that half of it is now on the floor because some time during the journey from the wrapper to you mouth it crumbled apart.
So, it was by happy accident that I discovered the crumbless cupcake.*
*Approximately 98% crumbless. (Not to be confused with what some people refer to as a crumbless cupcake, one with no flour.)
I actually had just wanted to make some strawberry cupcakes and was trying to decide what route I wanted to go when I had the thought to use strawberry yogurt and add it to a buttermilk cupcake recipe. The result was not as strawberry tasting as I had planned, but the light strawberry taste was good. After I ate the third or fourth cupcake though (hey, I made mini ones, it takes about 10 3 to equal 1 regular one, get off my back), I realized that these were much less messy than your usual cupcake. They're super moist and somehow hold together extremely well. And since you can change the yogurt to any flavor you want, the possibilities are endless. I will say that they bake pretty flat, maybe some master baker out there can come up with a solution to that. However, a flat cupcake just means for space for delicious buttercream icing, so it's not all bad. :)
These are so good, I told my husband, "I don't think I'll ever make cupcakes from a box mix again". I also think these would be perfect for a child's birthday party, much less messy!
Get the recipe {here}.
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