rice hand warmers

My little sister started school this week at BYU Idaho and I am so proud of her! I know she's going to have a great time and make tons of friends, but, being from southern California, I know she is going to have a hard time adjusting temperature-wise. I decided to make her some hand warmers to keep in her pockets. These are really simple to make and will provide an hour or so of toastyness in your pockets; and yes, toastyness is totally a word.

1. I used a heart cookie cutter as a stencil and cut through all four layers (two needed for each hand warmer) at the same time.

2. Then I just stitched around the edges with black thread, leaving a small opening to pour the rice in. I don't have a funnel so I used a large frosting tip, which actually worked pretty well for this small size and amount.

3. After I filled it with rice I still had enough room to stitch it up the rest of the way using my sewing machine. Then I heated them up (about 30 seconds or so, it will depend on the size, filler, and fabric) and tried it out and wished I had made a set for myself!

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