my gifting guidlelines

In general, whether for babies or weddings, people register for gits for a reason, because those are the things that they want. Of course, handmade, personalized gifts are great too, and if you can combine something from their list with something that is personal to them (like I did here) then that's even better.
This past weekend my friend down in southern California had a virtual baby shower for her first baby, a boy. I am so excited for these parents-to-be, I know they are going to be parents of the year once their little man gets here.
As far as gifts for little bundles of joy go, if this is the couple's first baby I generally get a little something from their registry and add a personal touch, like I did this time around.
I whipped up some leg warmers and a CA silhouette onesie. I have been holding onto this bright argyle print for a loonnngg time, I really love it and had been planning to use it for my own babies, but.... I hadn't used it yet so I decided to send it to a good home, plus the colors of it just seemed right for an awesome southern California beach baby.  Then I also included some washcloths and baby wash from my friend's registry.
If this is not a couple's first baby, but their first of a particular gender (for example, if they already have two boys, but this is their first girl), then I usually give them something handmade that is specific for that gender, so maybe a cute "future missionary" onesie and some manly leg warmers for a boy, or a set of cute and simple headbands for a little girl.
If this is the couple's second girl or fifth boy (or any variation), then I figure they probably have everything they need so I'll generally give them a gift card, because that way they can get diapers, baby food, or new clothes if some of the old ones are worn out. Sometimes it's also a nice chance to give the mom something, like a nice pair of slippers for the hospital or a gift card for a manicure.

Of course, these are just my own personal guidelines for gift giving and there are always exceptions. For example, sometimes if I have to ship something I just send a gift card or something really small (like a set of burpcloths), because shipping can be so expensive. Or if it's been several years since the couple's last baby, I might just follow the first baby guidelines, because sometimes they've gotten rid of a bunch of their old stuff.

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