"kissing booth" photoshoot

The Valentines that we are sending out this year is thanks largely to Stephanie over at A Geek in Glasses; but let me back up a ltitle bit.
Awhile ago I pinned //this image// to my "Photography" Pinterest board.

So I've known for almost a year now that I wanted to do something like this to send off to family for this Valentine's Day. So, SO about a week ago I started thinking to myself, "sigh, I have to put together some sort of kissing booth so I can take that picture. Maybe the hubby would let me use that huge cardboard box in the garage..." Then Stephanie came to my resuce and designed this adorable and free printable and I thought, "ok, change of plans".
First thing I had to do though was set up my photo studio, ha ha. There are very few areas in my house that get good natural light, but my daughter's room happens to be a space that gets ok light during the morning so I set up shop there. For the backdrop I used a roll of bulletin board paper that looks like wood planks. I love this stuff and I just set it up like so:

Another essential part of the plan was to make sure my husband was home to help me wrangle the kids. :)

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