spritz cookies

My apologies for not posting on Monday. My little dove decided to share his illness with me and the thought of sitting down at the computer to publish a post made me more tired and achy. But, we're all on the mend now and I have a favorite family cookie recipe to share with you today! If I don't make Spritz cookies at Christmas, it just doesn't feel right somehow. They are really fast and really fun to make too, so this is a great one to have the kids help you with!

There are lots of recipes out there for Spritz cookies, and mostly they're the same as the one my family has used forever, here is that recipe in PDF form, already in a 4x6" size ready to fit in your recipe box! Of course, you can always go hunting for variants, but this traditional version is so buttery and delicious, why mess with perfection? ;) Print out the recipe, gather your ingredients, and we're ready to begin! If you don't have a cookie press it's ok, they start at about $10 for a manual one and go up from there, or you can also make these like thumbprint cookies; not as traditional, but it works.

Once your dough is ready and your press is filled, then the real fun begins! Your kids will probably fight over who gets to use the cookie press. :)

You really want to make sure when you bake them they don't brown. They'll even look a little undone when you take them out, but they're not! They're totally cooked to a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth-with-a-slight-crunch perfection.

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