"baby's first Christmas" ornament

Two years ago I was searching for a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament for my little dove and having a hard time finding something that I liked. My criteria: (1) not too "cutesy", it needed to look cohesive with the rest of my tree, (2) something that could be personalized, either with baby's name or picture, (3) something I'd be able to find for every child I have in the future, was it something that the store would sell every year?
Finally I decided to make my own and I wanted to share it with my awesome readers (psst, that's you). I had to make another one for my little miss so I made sure to take some pictures this time! This is another simple and quick 5 minute craft, so even if you have 12 kids and want to make ornaments for each of them, you have plenty of time before Christmas! ;)

Supplies needed:
Basically there are three steps: (1) Print up what you want on the transparency paper. I have, "____'s First Christmas", then one of their newborn pictures, then the year underneath that. (2) Cut the transparency to the size/shape needed, (3) carefully insert the transparency (I say carefully because oftentimes the glass ornaments have sharp edges and the transparency paper scratches easily), then pour in the desired amount of filler.

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