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So tomorrow is Turkey day and I'm sure you have everything planned, right? What food you're serving, what time it all needs to go in the oven, the shopping is all done and you've thought of every detail... but did you remember the centerpiece? Not that you need one of course, for some people their pride and joy is the turkey and they like that prominently displayed in the center with a huge platter. But if you find yourself wanting a little pretty in the middle of your table and you're short on time (or not wanting to run to the store the day before Thanksgiving) then look around your house, chances are you have something you can pull together with just a few minutes and no money. These are pretty small and simple because you still want to be able to see each other across the table and chat, and of course, you need room for all that delicious food!

Red & Green: It's not just for Christmas
It's all about working with what you have, and I have green plates. :) So that's what inspired this table scape. For this I just took my trifle dish and put some vine spheres (that's what they're called, right?) in it, but then looking at it I remembered I had some apples that I could throw in for color. I completed the look with a red table runner I have to mimic the red apples, and placed some candlesticks we got for our wedding from an old family friend. If you don't have a table runner, you could always use a large scarf or some fabric

Mason Jar Luminaries

I love Mason jars and I love having candles on a table. For these all I did was grad a few empty jars I had and used pinto beans, black beans, and bird seed as filler to place the candles in (hey, use what you've got!). You could also use rice, pebbles, marbles, etc. as filler, just look around you! For this "table runner" I just used some Kraft paper, I love the idea of having some crayons on the table and then your guests can write the things they're thankful for, or kids can doodle while they eat.

Painted Jar Vases
I had to throw some more jars on my table, but this time they have a metallic spray paint finish on the outside and they're filled with some flowers I picked up while I was getting a couple last minute items at the grocery store (and I realize those carnations look really pink, but they're actually much more orangey-apricot). This green floral print table runner is just the reverse of the red one I used with the trifle dish above. I really don't have that many table lines. And one of those jars I painted myself, but the other one I scored from this wedding I mentioned a little while ago.

If you are looking for some more last minute centerpieces, check out this post and this one, from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.

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