christmas planner roundup

My "notes" section of my planner is written all over with the list of family members we're getting presents for and ideas and final selections for their gifts. I would show you a picture of what it looks like, but then the ones that read this blog would know what they're getting. :) I love giving gifts for people at Christmas! But I am glad to say that I am almost done, just a couple left to buy and a couple left to finish making. I like to start somewhat early so I'm not rushing around during the holiday season and I can remember what this time of year is really supposed to be about. However, I know lots of people that don't start thinking about Christmas until right around now, and even some people who get a thrill out of getting all their shopping done on Black Friday (**shudder**); but hey, to each his own, right?
So, if you're not as far along with you Christmas preparations or as organized as you'd like to be, I have a roundup of free Christmas Planner printables for you from some awesome bloggers out there. I've checked tons of them out and picked 5 of my favorite ones to share with you, along with why I like them so much. So here you go...

From Lovely Little Snippets:
I especially love the "Santa's Survey" included in this planner kit. Such a good idea to pass out to each family member, maybe have a family night and fill them out together while sipping hot cocoa and listening to Christmas songs? I also love the look of this one, simple but fun. :)
From Life in Yellow:
If all you need is an organized place to keep your gift list, this is great, I really could have sued it this year! since my hubby and I are big budget fans, I'm digging the simple way to keep track of how much you've spent.
From My Papercrafting Obsession:
Not only is this a beautiful organizer to look at, but she has thought of everything! Gift giving guide, budgets, menu planning and grocery shopping, keeping track of holiday get-togethers, gift exchanges... you name it!
From Arizona Families:
For all you Dollar Store lovers out there (who isn't?) then this is a great one for you! It uses a Dollar Tree photo album that is small enough to take along with you as you're out and about running your Christmas errands. There are no printables with this one, just step-by-step instructions of how to make your own.
From Home for the Holidays
I like that this one can become part of you holiday decor, and I know I have a couple of old clipboards that need a makeover. I also like that she included one notepad just for jotting down ideas, as I am constantly scribbling ideas all over my planner, cause sometimes your thoughts don't really fit into a category. :) Again, no printables, but instructions on how to make your own.
Happy planning!

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